We changed our name - Kone.io is now Pilvia!

We changed our name - Kone.io is now Pilvia!

I’m very excited to share some important news with you.

Few days ago we changed our name from Kone.io to Pilvia in order to better align with our long-term vision. Why PILVIA? Well… For a long time it has been the name of our company so it felt natural for us to use the name we already knew and loved.

Until today Pilvia has been known better as a Hosting Partner for mainly Finnish companies but from now on we are focusing more on global WordPress hosting.

Are you using Pilvia? We truly appreciate that you’ve chosen us as your hosting partner. We hope that you’ve been happy with us and look forward to helping you if anything comes in your mind. You’re more than welcome to share feedback and ideas with us!

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Best regards,


Sami Niemi, CEO