The Pandemic, Pilviafamily and Positive toughts

Read about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us and what it has taught us at Pilviafamily!

The Pandemic, Pilviafamily and Positive toughts

First it felt like you couldn't even breath outside. Like the air around you was dangerous. As if the Corona-virus was everywhere. But it is incredible, and I think also important to realise, how quickly we adapt to new circumstances, rules and practises. Life must goes to go on and you have to find out new ways to live and enjoy your life.

In this crisis I think one of the most important thing has been to find out your own way to think, cope and act in the situation. The pandemic has effected everybody in some way, but all of us in different ways. Positive thoughts wins over negative thoughts. Always! And when you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, you start to progress! These two encouraging phrases I've heard when doing my Bodycombat #82 training at M&M Kuntotalo Kupittaa. Two important sentiments, I think!

With the 'Pilviafamily', we at Pilvia mean all our customers and partners and also our product line. But the core of Pilviafamily is the family of Pilvia's owner Sami and I, Lotta and our three children Helmi, Kerttu and Anton, 9, 7 and 3 years respectively.

Our eight year old log house is built by Sami and his friend.

The power of nature

We're the kind of family that always spend a lot of time together. But this spring we've been together more than ever. And luckily it has been spring and not winter here in Finland, because winters can be challenging. Last winter was particularly bad here in southern of Finland. When the restrictions have not been very strict here in our country, we've been able to be outdoors us much as we've wanted to. And that what's we have been doing a lot and been really grateful for. Everybody knows the healing power of nature!

One Sunday afternoon we walked over 7 km at Kurjenrahka Nationpark.

The wonderful daycare staff

When the pandemic started we tried to keep all our children at home and work at same time. Sami went to the office every day because nobody else was there, and at the office he had the possibility to concentrate on his work, which is very important for Pilvia. But for me personally it was completely impossible to get any work done, when at the same time I took care of the children and helped out our eldest daughter with her schoolwork. After three weeks at home we made what was a, especially for me, hard decision, by putting our two youngest children back in day-care and pre-school. But it was a good decision. The people at the day-care have been so grate! They understood our decision and welcomed us with open arms!  Even tough you should keep social distance, they always taken the children into their arms,  especially our youngest, hugging him and behaving like there is no such thing as Corona. How wonderful is that!      

Anton was not at all afraid of Jaska.

Pilvia needs us both

Some people asked why we didn't try to work on alternate days, so we could have our children at home. Maybe only then I understood how important it is for Pilvia that Sami and I work together, that we're a working couple. During the workdays we brainstorm a lot, evaluate and think about things. Those discussions develop and take our company forward. We also ask of each other's opinions and help each other out. It would have been also impossible to work on alternating days, because as an entrepreneur Sami's workday rarely ends by 4PM. There are always things that Sami hasn't have  the time to do during the working day. The evenings are also a good time to learn new things and do development work when there is no appointments and no interrupting work calls.

Here we're in the widow of our little, hundred year old cottage.


Just before the pandemic started we had the honour to get to know the great photographer and graphic designer Jaska Poikonen. Jaska started a #windowpotrait -project, that reflects the life during the pandemic. We were so grateful when he asked if our family wanted to be a part of his project. Most of the pictures in this blog is taken by Jaska. The pictures captures in many ways the time we've been living in this spring. And luckily in the pictures you can see that in spite of everything there is joy and happiness!

The power of Bodycombat

But there have been other feelings as well of course. But Sami and I have found a great way to deal with the mixed feelings caused by the pandemic, and that is Bodycombat training, where you can punch and kick as much as you want with no contact! The training is a really good way to release emotions. And learn and remined yourself about important things like the those two phrases I mentioned earlier: Positive thoughts wins negative thoughts always! And when you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, you start to progress!

The energy at the Body Combat lessons is so great!