Pilvia at marketing events, PING Studio & Mainostorstai

Pilvia at marketing events, PING Studio & Mainostorstai

At Pilvia, we think that it’s good to switch up your normal workday and to get out of the office from time to time, so we decided to attend two interesting seminars in the last two weeks.

PING Studio: Growth & Trends 2019 was held in Helsinki on Wednesday 23rd of January. The event was about marketing and businesses cooperating with influencers, and vice versa, of course. A few businesses told about their inspiring campaign cases and what the key components were to the campaign’s success, such as, how they approached the campaign from the start and what were all of the important factors to consider when going ahead.

Pilvia wanted to take part in the PING Studio event to get some fresh ideas for the future. We were very excited to see and hear how many different routes there are for businesses. The conversation really did spark our thoughts!

Mainostorstai was in Turku on Thursday 30th of January. Mainostorstai is an annual marketing and advertising event. The seminar had many expert speakers arranging from entrepreneurs to sales professors who all are marketing wizards in their own field.

Our team continued the conversation, which the speakers had started, for quite a while. The disruption theory, business branding, future’s professions… Very thought-provoking! The motivating and charismatic speakers got us inspired for future projects.