Pilvia 2019: What users can expect from Pilvia this year?

Pilvia 2019: What users can expect from Pilvia this year?

The year 2018 brought many changes and achievements to Pilvia. It has set many goals for the ongoing year. One of which is to cater better to its broader customer base.

One of the most biggest changes for Pilvia was moving its office to Logomo in Turku in the beginning of last year. It had a tremendous difference because until then everyone had been working mostly on their own.

“We wanted to come together so we could give each other the most support possible”, the owner Sami Niemi  says.

Last year also brought some surprises as well: Pilvia received a large number of users from Spain and South America. The customer base doubled in the last twelve months from around 5000 to 10 000 users.

“We didn’t really do any marketing so every user we got was because they had heard about us from another person”, the CEO Lotta Niemi tells.

“Of course, one reason was that our service was free but there are so many free options available that a free product isn’t enough. It also has to be good”, Sami adds.

Because of the big user growth, Pilvia received a lot of useful information from the customers which led to many improvements along the way.

Since the customer base experienced such a significant change, Pilvia’s goal for the new year is to serve its Spanish-speaking users in their native language.

“I believe if we can provide support in Spanish there would be a lower threshold for asking for help”, Sami says.

But a language barrier isn’t the only challenge Pilvia wants to battle. A global customer base also means that there’s a demand for support around the clock.

“There are completely different time zones in the US and South America. They need help at our night time so we need support which is based there”, he explains.

In addition, Sami and Lotta mention that they want to make information about Pilvia’s services more available and clear to customers in the near future.

Pilvia also wants to invest in the foreseeable future of the business. Oulu University of Applied Sciences has been using the free plan for education purposes for around two years.

Even though the pricings changed in the end of last year, Pilvia still wants to offer free services for the students. In addition to the students using the platform, Pilvia wishes to work more with universities.

“We use such modern technology in every aspect of our company. We want to give an opportunity to learn all these new things because there really aren’t people who have experience with these aspects yet. Our company in the future is going to be based from these people who are now learning about the field”, Sami says.