Our green little office

Sometimes a place feels immediately like home. You sense right away that the place have a good spirit the very moment you open the door. Read how we took ecological and sustainable factors in to account in our new office.

Our green little office

Sometimes a place feels immediately like home. You sense right away that the place have a good spirit and feng shui the very moment you open the door. And that's what happened when we in the end of the year 2019 went to take a look at a new office for Pilvia, at street level in the eastern side of Turku at Kerttulinkatu 20.

In what way is our office green then? Well, we have a green wall. And we have some green plants (btw. We’ve bought all our green plants from Kukka-Kerttu, a really nice and beautiful flower shop at Kerttulinkatu 7, Turku). But we wanted our office to be green in other ways as well.

Epipremnum Aureum is easy to take care of.

First of all we decided to buy all the old furniture that the lady, that had rented the office before us, sold to us instead of buying new ones. Maybe the furniture was not the one we would have bought, if we would have bought everything as new. But the furniture were good enough. We still needed some furniture, dishes and so on and because we like recycled stuff, we found nice plates and glasses from Turun Ekotori Reuse Centre and a big table and four chairs from Martela Outlet store.

Some time ago ecological products were maybe not that easy to find or you had to go to a special shop to get the things you wanted. Eco products were maybe also not that good, sometimes they cost a lot, they were not that beautiful or tasteful etc. But today everything is different. Now you find environmental friendly products from most stores, many times there is a selection of ecological products so you have a possibility to choose, the products are nice, effective and good looking and the price is suitable. Maybe the hard thing now is how to do the most environmental friendly decisions when there is many things to consider and take in to account.

Ecological everyday products by Sini, Pirkka, Berner and Niskanen Production Oy.

I decided to find all the everyday things Pilvia would need from a big local supermarket nearby where I can go by foot or bike. When I need to buy more of them, I don't need to go far. From that store I bought all the things we would need for cleaning and washing up. I also bought mostly Finnish products to support Finnish companies and it's of course also more ecological to buy products that are produced nearby. From Finlayson we bought hand towels made of old jeans.

These towels are made from 40% recycled cotton from old jeans.

To decorate our office we invested in quality, ecology and nearby produced products and bought a beautiful cushion, blanket and a poster from Kui Design Turku.

This TurkuÅbo cushion is made fo 100% linen by Kui Design.

We have a very small kitchen and in the kitchen cabinets and fridge you can find lot of organic products we like to use. Most of the days we still go for a lunch to restaurants near our office at Hämeenkatu, in many which you can enjoy vegetarian or vegan food. Many of those restaurants also appreciate organic and local food. We highly recommend for example Kuori, Delhi Darbar, Kembuz Café, Trattoria Romana and Zong Hua. Go and try out some day!

Clippers' Super organic coffee is Samis favorite and he recommend it to everybody. Lotta recommend the really refreshing Clippers organic white tea with peppermint.

We like our green little office very much and we prefer to go to the office everyday instead of working from home. We have worked in many places during the years and know that the working environment as a huge impact on our welfare and ability to work. We also find it really nice, that our office is at street level and we can watch people come and go and follow the arrival of Spring!

This pic is taken thru our window. The cherry is blooming so beautifully.