It’s not only eating!

It’s not only eating!

“Hey guys, are you eating all the time there in Pilvia?” That’s maybe the first question on your mind if you are following #Pilviafamily in social media. No way, it’s much more than that here in Pilvia!

Almost every time when I’m walking to the Pilvia’s office I can hear from there a little voice of the computer keyboards and the silent discussion in some language that I can’t understand at all.  That means that Sami and Petri, the coder witzards of Pilvia are already at work. On the other side of the table there might be also Lotta in her working place.

What is Lotta doing here? Most of her time goes in every kind of financial administration and scheduling works. You maybe can call her as a walking calender of Pilvia.

“In addition of all financial management tasks I’m taking care of all timetables. All meetings and workshops with all clients and partners, our own meetings etc. And of course I try to take care of that there will be enough time for that actual working”, Lotta tells about her typical day in Pilvia.

“On the other hand I can say that there is not two similar days here in Pilvia. Usually on monday you don’t know what all will happen before it’s friday. Everyday is a new adventure here in Pilvia”, Lotta continues and laughs.

Variation of days and freedom are things which Sami and Lotta apperciat in their work.

“It’s important to me that I can work everywhere I want”, Sami starts.

“Of course you have to have very high self-discipline when you are working at home for example. But I have worked like this most of my time, so it’s not difficult to me anymore. Not then when I’m working alone. Now when we have Lotta and Petri here, I have to remember to take them into consideration too”, he continues.

“I like a lot about that I can plan almost whole of  my timetable by myself”, Lotta tells.

“If every day was the same it would be a nightmare. So best part of this work is that every day is different here in Pilvia”, she continues with big smile.

“Working with clients is very reactive work here in Pilvia. Our working is more like just checking that everything works. And then when something happens or someone needs help, you are online and you fix the  problem, and that’s it. There’s no need to make plans after plans with some long project”, Sami simplifies.

“The main reason why I like working with clients is that feeling you get when you solve some problem of your client. Many times it’s hard but it’s very rewarding”, Sami is excited to continue.

It’s a real miracle if Sami and Lotta will both stay in the office for the whole day. Sami, Lotta and Petri have tried to have at least one or two day just for coding. In spite of that they have meetings with clients and partners almost every day.

“It’s hard to draw the line between the clients and partners, but I think that almost half of my working time I’m meeting peoples or planning those meetings”, Lotta tells about her timing at work.

After all that Lotta takes her time for demanding works at home in the evenings. Lotta tells that for her it’s easier to check papers or answer to  e-mails when it’s quiet at home.

“For me it’s not a problem cause Pilvia is so big part of our family anyway and it follows us wherever we go. It’s just like our fourth child”, she laughs.

Once a week Sami also works in Sofia Future Farm which is shared working centre in Helsinki.

“I try to arrange my meetings in Helsinki for those days when I’m in Sofia Future House. There I can also concentrate to my main work without interferences”, Sami capsulizes his time in Helsinki.

“I think it’s good that you can do this work where ever you want. Sometimes the best working area might be here in Turku, in Helsinki or in New York for example. Or then it can be a garage without windows in Pyhäranta. It just depends of what are you doing. Maybe after five years we have an office both in skyscraper and in garage”, Sami continues.

The second picture is from the interview of Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjälehti. You can read it here