How Pilvia grows mentally strong using physical exercise

When our Bodycombat instructor asks “What is the most important thing?”, how do we respond? “ATTITUDE!“, in a clear, loud and confident voice.

How Pilvia grows mentally strong using physical exercise

When our Bodycombat instructor asks “What is the most important thing?”, how do we respond? “ATTITUDE!“, in a clear, loud and confident voice.

At the start of the year, Sami and I started taking bodycombat-, tone- and bodybalance classes at M&M Kuntotalo Kupittaa Turku, Finland. At the time we had no idea how large of an impact group exercise would have on our health, physically and especially mentally.

Cooperation for the win!

Me, Sami, our three children and Pilvia need that we stay in good health: that is why it has been a great decision to use part of our work hours for exercise.

Bodycombat for renewed courage and fighting spirit

Bodycombat is a Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, Capoeira etc. inspired workout session designed by Les Mills. Workout includes no-contact punches and kicks spiced by energetic music. Even though proper technique is a point of focus while working out, the overall goal is something more, something greater.

High energy sessions boost your heart rate.

Our brilliant instructor Jaana Lilja dares us to give it our all, dares us test our limits and focus on ourselves instead of worrying about others. She dares us to shout to give our punches and kicks more power and dares us to visualize punching the opponent and guarding ourselves from their attacks.

Punch the opponent square in the nose!

Being an entrepreneur also takes a lot of daring. You have to dare to make decisions, dare to seize new opportunities, dare to make your own path. Your belief is tested often and for a lot of different reasons: plans don’t always work out and exhaustion is a real problem. Despite all of that, when you succeed at something the feeling is incomparable.

Always all in!

Tone for perseverance and posture

Being an entrepreneur also takes perseverance. You have to push your ideas forward, even though the possible results might be years away. We’ve boosted our perseverance through Tone sessions, during which, according to our instructor, we may do as many as 100’000 repetitions. The session is a constant battle of will to keep going against the fatigue. When the session is done, you really feel like a winner.

Tone consists of thousands of repetitions.

Believe it or not, that feeling carries over to work and everyday life. Tone sessions are amazing for your posture as well: proper posture helps to keep your body and mind happy, as well improving your focus, quality of sleep and confidence.

A diverse set of moves accompanied by cheerful music strengthen the entire body.

Bobybalance for concentration and self-reflection

Bodybalance is a calming session, where we perform yoga, chi or pilates moves. Barefooted, of course, with some soothing music in the background. Session ends with a wonderful relaxation period.

When performing the moves, you need to be tender: don’t force anything and listen to your body. Every day is different and your energy level is different every time, it is important to feel things out and train accordingly. Don’t ask too much of yourself, just trying is enough.

Every bodybalance session includes Sun Salutations.

Bodybalance is an active workout, but it’s still relaxing. It also suits those who find relaxation exercises, such as meditation, difficult. For us relaxation and stopping for a moment has felt especially important: after each work day we have three energetic kids awaiting us, each with their own stories to tell, hobbies to go to and homework to finish. Plenty of action from dusk till dawn.

Demanding balance exercises clear your mind and draw focus on breathing.

Entrepreneurs also have the need for a time out every now and then. It is important to be able to clear your mind, or at least attempt to do so. It is important to remember you are enough as you are, and not demand too much of yourself. A relaxed mind is more productive than an exhausted one.

Bodybalance consists of many beautiful motions.

Doing things the right way

On top of the group sessions, we have also had personal training sessions with Jaana Lilja. The main focus has been on posture and performing the moves correctly. Often enough we’ve come to realize that the moves that seem simple and light require a lot of concentration and strength. Doing things the right way is important, in exercise as in work.

Tiny, yet demanding move!
This move requires absolute concentration, no talking!
Hardcore boxing training!

Exercising during work week, how and why?

How do we find time to exercise during the week? We simply take it. We reserve the sessions we feel are important well in advance, currently the rest of the year has been planned. Of course occasionally something comes up and we have to make adjustments, but for the most part our meetings and other work is designed around our exercise schedule.

Working together is always more fun!

What is the benefit? A lot is. Exercise sessions refresh the body and the mind, and have also helped us clear our minds and improved our focus. Things don’t stagnate when exercising regularly, many problems that have seemed insurmountable have been solved after a nice exercise session. Troubles and worries either fade away or become manageable, you feel refreshed and everything is right in the world again.

If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself!

There’s always time for chit chat and laughter!