Hanging on the support-chat!

Hanging on the support-chat!

Days of Pilviafamilys server specialist Petri Karvinen are not only programming or ogling the codes. Every other week Petri works as a duty officer in Pilvia’s customer support.

“Every other week is my turn and every other week is Sami’s turn. It’s me or Sami (Niemi) who is hanging on our support-chat all the time”, Petri tells.

While his shift Petri checks over questions which has came to Pilvia’s support-chat or e-mail at least once in a hour, except in the night time.

“Although we have customers from around the world and they have questions regardless of the time of day, we will sleep well at the night time”, Petri laughs. “We don’t have to answer every question in minutes unless something really serious is happening. For the bigger problems we have our own alarm system and will be online immediately”, Petri promises.

It depends on the week how long it takes to answer to questions in the customer support. Petri thinks that customer supporting takes almost an hour from his working time in a week.

“There may be weeks when nothing happens and it takes only a few minutes a day to check our support-chat. And other times I might work many hours of the day with customer’s problems”, Petri explains

Petri needs only a mobile phone or a laptop for his working.

“You can even fix the problems in server etc. only with your mobile, but I prefer to work with the laptop. I always have my laptop in my backpack cause I think it’s easier to work with it than with the mobile”, Petri justifies.

Petri can devide typical customers of Pilvia’s support-chat in two categories. Some customers are just looking for the information about the Pilviafamily or a help for the questions like how to publish the web page or how to clone it. Then there are customers who asks something when they have bigger problem in their WordPress -site (e-mail doesn’t work or there is some kind of bug on their site etc.).

“It depends a lot on the customer. Some of them contact our support-chat every time they have any problem. And then some of them have tried to fix the problem for a long time before they dare to ask anything from us”, Petri says.

In spite of that working in the support-chat might  sometimes feels like being a walking computer-guide, Petri likes working in Pilvia’s customer support.

“It’s not funny for the customers if they have big problems with their site,but for me it’s great to have an opportunity to use my professional skills as a server specialist while working in customer support”, Petri tells.