Ghost - Modern WordPress Alternative

If you are blogger, journalist or just love to write in public, you definitely should check this beautiful and lightning fast blog engine!

Ghost - Modern WordPress Alternative

If you are blogger, journalist, own a magazine, or just love to write in public, you definitely should check this out!

Ghost is a publishing platform I have keep on eye a few years. Over 500 000 installs,  including popular blogs of Cloudflare, Tinder, DigitalOcean, Airtable and many more, Ghost has proven it’s place on internet.

I have strong feeling I want to begin writing blogs seriously, make a habit of it. Our website’s current blog theme was bit misconfigured and felt awkward.  Since I am a geek, it was natural to take care of that first, without a single line of writing yet. I decided to gave Ghost a try. So in middle of night on our summer trip at astonish Porvoo, I simply shot Ubuntu instance on GCE and followed  install instructions.

It was love at first sight! After smooth-running installation opened really beautiful blog already filled with sample content.  And when login to admin page, it got even better. All simple and streamlined: pure beauty. You get begin with simply default theme, or buy one from marketplace.  Quick look under the hood reveals that code is well defined, so customise theme your own will be enjoyable task.

Editing posts with Ghost editor 

It has been always important to me to use good tools. With another lovely Mac app I recently found, Bear - Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac , I believe my future as content writer finally will be true.

For site builders and developers, Ghost will gives valuable alternative you should add to your portfolio. If you like to try Ghost, you have options to host it by yourself or buy hosting from creators.

Since our WP platform will easily bend to Ghost site hosting, we are currently considering to support it. If you are interested to come along on journey, please be in touch!

With love ❤️

PS. If you are using Mac and have docker installed, you can try Ghost quickly by running following code in your terminal:

docker run --rm -p 2368:2368 --name ghost ghost:alpine

Then head to http://localhost:2368/ in browser and you're in! Admin panel can be found at http://localhost:2368/ghost .