First week just behind

First week just behind

The first week of my communications internship in Pilvia is behind and five more are still ahead. My first week has been very intresting because this intership is my first communications intership. It’s also intresting to see how communications works in a small and quite young company.

New wind is blowing in #Pilviafamily from many directions. Pilvia just got a new communication strategy after co-working with #Ground. I’m very happy that I can be a part of a group that starts working with this strategy.

Last week I have learned many things wich has to be taken into account in corporate communications in a small company.

I’m very intrested in to see how communication works in a small company. I also want to know what the guys (Sami, Petri and Lotta) in Pilvia are really doing. I think that I’m not the only who is curious to know that. That’s why I will tell you more about that during next weeks.