Doing summer-work for Pilvia

I've been doing summer work for Pilvia for two weeks. Working at Pilvia has been both fun and inspirational! Here are a few pictures I've taken during these two weeks.

Doing summer-work for Pilvia

Hi! I'm Julius and I've been summer-working for Pilvia for two weeks. I'm 14 years old and moving up to the ninth grade when the autumn arrives. I was coming to Pilvia to do my work practice program earlier this year, but unfortunately Corona hit Finland once again during the spring. My primary school was forced to begin distance learning again and the work practice program got canceled. I got immensely lucky when Sami and Lotta contacted me and offered a two weeks of summer job.

I'm very interested in photograpy, ever since I was five years old. Photographing is fun because you can in your own way create art out of anything, even in your own surroundings.

My task at Pilvia has been to cycle around Turku and photograph iconic landscapes, then edit and categorize them. Another task has been to make short clips that could guide customers to find the route to Pilvias office.

Doing summer-work for Pilva has been so nice! I've learned a lot and I've been doing work with pleasure. Sami and Lotta are wonderful people and they've taken good care of me. I've have had fun working in a comfortable and in one way familiar environment.

Thanks a lot that I've been allowed to work here and a lovely summer to you!