Demo sites now secured with HTTPS

Demo sites now secured with HTTPS

Last night we had an nasty issue where Google Chrome was warning almost all demo sites ( falsely as a phishing pages. After sweat and several reports we got assured Google to clean issue and problem is mainly gone. Root cause is still mystery and we are investigating it. Please note that live sites running with your own domains was not affected in any ways.

But the real news is that we finally made HTTPS available for demo sites too! All the new sites will now be https enabled like by default, using wildcard * SSL-certificate. For current sites you can go to and edit your site, for example by pushing Edit on Domain names and save right after that. This maneuver will regenerate your site’s configuration with https activated. Then you are able to use https protocol instead of http, if you want to.

I know this is long waited feature and I am so glad to bring it to you today. Together we will make internet more safe place to live ;-D

Over and out!

With love,
Sami from Pilvia