Communications internship experience at Pilvia

Communications internship experience at Pilvia

I applied for a communications internship to Pilvia last December. The internship was my third overall but my first communications internship during my studies. I was very intrigued by the opportunity to go way out of my comfort zone and to go work at a tech company.

My job description included coming up with a communications plan, writing newsletters, keeping Pilvia’s social media active, sending out a press release and so forth. In addition to all of this, I got familiar with how Facebook advertisements work, how to edit photos with Affinity Photo and how to manage Intercom.

I really enjoyed working at Pilvia. I had the chance to learn and figure out things on my own but also, I would always get help and new ideas if I hit a roadblock. I also liked the sense of responsibility since Pilvia’s communication was on me.

I felt welcomed to the #pilviafamily from the first day on! It was easy for me to express my opinions and get into the group. Overall, I had a great experience and I learned a lot of valuable practical information about handling a company’s communication.
– Jasmin

We wanted to bring a student intern to our work community to have new and fresh ideas on the table. We also thought that a young person could have a better understanding of how communication and social media work.

Having Jasmin as our communications intern has been a win-win situation because we, as well, have learned so much. Communication has become more of an apparent part of our company. Jasmin has launched Pilvia’s communication plan so it’s easier for us to go forward with it.

We’re so glad that we decided to apply for an intern because Jasmin has brought new youthful know-how. She has had a great attitude, for example, she hasn’t been nervous about doing things independently and she has been curious about learning more.

This collaboration has been amazing for everyone, and we’re sad to see Jasmin go. She will still definitely be a part of our Pilvia family!
– Sami & Lotta