All the good we have done this year

Pilvia Ltd. have this year done good in different ways by donating money to some charities and sponsored a few sports and a culture event.

All the good we have done this year

Pilvia Ltd. have this year done good in different ways by donating money to some charities and sponsored a few sports and a culture event. It feels really great to be able to help out, even though the amount of money spent is not that big.

Motocross and BMX-cycling

Pilvia decided to sponsor two different racing sports, motocross and BMX-cycling. Pilvias owner Sami has always been especially fund of racing sport because of the speed and the thrill.

Markus Ruohola, #ruohola49, ages 17 is a motocross athlete from Pyhäranta, Finland, which is also Pilvia's home town. Markus races in Finnish championship series and this year with a bigger bike; a KTM SX125. Motocross is a very tough sport both for the athlete and the bike. Markus shared an article in Facebook 26. of September, where one of the most famous Finnish ice-hockey player Teemu Selänne states after trying out motocross with a KTM bike, that people don't understand just how hard motocross is. Pyhäranta is a very important place for Pilvia and it's an honour to sponsor Markus.

Markus Ruohola #49

BMX Turku is a sports club founded year 2014 in Turku, Finland. BMX has been a summer olympic sport since 2008. In BMX-racing you cycle on a rolling and curved 400 m long track with a special BMX-bike. You can start BMX-cycling already when you're 1-2 years old using a balance bike. Pilvia wanted to sponsor this sport because it is an outdoor sport that is suitable for the whole family, boys and girls, mums and dads. The atmosphere among the BMX-cyclists and their families is relaxed and there's always room for everybody on the track, beginners and pros alike are all welcome. Sami has also donated a bunch his free time to help out the club especially during competitions.

The new racing shirt of BMX Turku 

Horror movie festival Night Vision Turku

Pilvia has a couple of times helped out Sami's long time friends that wanted to continue the horror movie festival tradition in Turku, that was in danger to die out a few years ago. The new festival Night Vision Turku was born year 2017 showing many kinds of horror movies, classics and novelties, horror and sci-fi. Pilvia donates money for marketing the festival.

Night Visions 2019 at @Logomo

Rinkeby school run

Samis' nine year old daughter Helmi and her school, Sirkkala skola (Turku, Finland) participated in Team Rynkeby School Run collecting money for critically ill children. This year a quarter of million of children i Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland took part in the School Run. In Finland participated 178 schools and 33,000 schoolchildren. It was the fifth time that Rinkeby Foundation arranged the event. Pilvia promised to sponsor 10 euros for each 400m lap Helmi would run. And she ran 8 laps!!!

Helmi ran 8 laps and collected 120 euros!

The scout troop Mikaelin Sinikellot

Pilvia wanted also to support the scout troop Mikaelin Sinikellot from Turku, Finland. Scouting is an excellent hobby that is based on important values; "These values are based on the notion of a human being facing duties with respect to God, to him/herself, to other people, to society as well as to the environment. (". Through scouting children learn a lot of important skills for example about camping, be in the nature and take good care of our environment. You also get a lot of good friends, learn to work in a group and learn to consider other people.  

Pilvia's Helmi going on summercamp Tammileiri 2019

Year 2020 we want to continue to help out to ones we helped this year, but hopefully we get the opportunity to help out other ones as well.