14 years of Hosting from Finland! Say hello to Pilvia’s CEO Sami Niemi

Hello, I'm Sami!
Hello, I'm Sami!

About two weeks ago we published a little presentation post about our WordPress Cloud Hosting company Pilvia. Let's here what "Finns' own server dude" Sami Niemi has on his mind today and what made him what he is today:

From self built servers to real data center

My story began when all three of my self built servers moved from under my table to a real data center in 2002. This was an early precursor of Pilvia.

My colleagues were building web sites and I was the guy who managed and hosted them at my servers.

As time went by I noticed that I wasn’t hosting only websites, but also complex systems with multiple servers.

My reputation started to grow and soon others got wind of a “server dude” to whom quality of a service, and fast response time was more important than life!

Life is more than IT folks!

As a 30 year old server professional I started to wonder what else other than IT could life possibly offer to me.

I met my future wife and we moved to country side, where running water came in by literally running.

Seven years of country life; organic farming, pigs, chopping logs and timber constructing. Two lovely daughters were also born and alongside the hosting business was growing steadily.

Investing more to hosting business

I decided to invest seriously to the hosting business. I found partners to my side and we started to build what we know today as Pilvia — A company that will change your view about hosting services.

Stay in touch with me

I admit that I'm not the most active person in Social media, but you can find me at Linkedin and Twitter.

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Sami Niemi, CEO & Founder